ESPN Accused Of Racism Because... Well... Uh... A White Guy Wore A Randy Moss Mask

People are upset at ESPN today because of the latest DJ Steve Porter video about Randy Moss. If you watch the entire video, you’ll notice Porter sporting an official Randy Moss mask that was produced by Randy Moss. People are calling this blackface. TBL received an e-mail that included the words “minstrel show.” Seriously.

When I went looking for the video, I expected something a little tasteless. What I found was a guy in a Halloween mask on Halloween. By calling that mask racist, this becomes racist, right? If so, DJ Steve Porter shouldn’t feel bad because he’s not the only celebrity to appear on television in “blackface.” (Skip ahead to the 4 minute mark)

(If you can’t see video at work – Spoiler Alert – Its Barack Obama. Also, Dwyane Wade gets a free pass here.)

In a related story, Randy Moss may have been cut from the Vikings because he complained about the local eatery that provided the catering following Friday’s practice.

“We had the whole buffet set up, and we had a nice spread — chicken, ribs, round of beef with a carving station, the whole deal,” Tinucci’s co-owner Gus Tinucci said today. “(Moss) he comes in, and I’m helping one of the guys and didn’t look up, and all of a sudden I heard, ‘What the (expletive) is this? I wouldn’t feed this (expletive expletive) to my (expletive) dog!’ And he’s screaming it at the top of his lungs.

While there’s no racism in that story, I’m sure if we start over from the first sentence and read it all the way through again and look for racism, we can find some.

Because you want to see it first!

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