Mike Shanahan Has a History of Jerking Around QBs

Mike Shanahan is an Idiot: “In 1999, he upset numerous Denver veterans when he made second-year man Brian Griese the starter at the last minute over Bubby Brister. After four seasons, Griese fell out of favor and Shanahan acquired Jake Plummer. After four seasons, Plummer fell out of favor and Shanahan acquired Jay Cutler, eventually yanking Plummer on a Thanksgiving Day road loss against the Kansas City Chiefs after telegraphing the move to the media. Privately, Brister, Griese and Plummer will tell you that Shanahan jerked them around.” Bringing in that whale JaMarcus Russell to workout Tuesday was the capper. If McNabb’s “cardiovascular endurance” was an issue, why bring in a 286-pounder? Just admit you were pissed at McNabb’s last two series’ and yanked him out of frustration. [Yahoo]

Because you want to see it first!

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