The Roundup: Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Solved With One Letter and a NASCAR Fight

Carmen Electra … “Boa Constrictor Has Virgin Birth” … here’s a guy trashing Ben Bernanke … “Man boarded flight as senior citizen, exited as 20-year-old” … these people live underneath Las Vegas … Brooke Burke looks terrific for having four kids … not all cyclist hit-and-runs are created equally …will Gold peak in 2011? … reporter attacked in Russia … 81-year-old woman stung by hundreds of wasps … if you love dessert … “Jesus rises from cabbage field” … guy leaves girlfriend to be with Lady Gaga … if Scott Adams is writing, you should be reading … man to woman to man again, and now he’s engaged

Can fragile Matt Stafford really be a franchise QB? [Detroit News]

Bart Scott of the Jets on the Lions: “By far the dirtiest football team I’ve ever played against since I played the Tennessee Titans. I swear to God, I hope to see them again.” [NY Post]

The college basketball season begins tonight. We’ll have a preview-y post later. Yes, the Big Ten is stacked. [CBS Sports]

Cleveland fans will enjoy this feature on Eric Mangini. [NYT]

To whet your college football appetite: The season is essentially down to 4 teams and a couple games. Much more from Duffy later. [CBS Sports]

Cody Ross, anyone? [Miami Herald]

Wade Phillips has to be on the clock today, right? A 45-7 loss last night had to seal the deal, right? [Morning News]

Of course, that win over the Cowboys leads one Wisconsin paper to break out the pom-poms. [Press Gazette]

Nice goal by Omar Gonzalez, who should be starting on the USA’s 2014 World Cup team. [Wash Post]

Star wide receivers? Who needs ‘em? [Cincinnati.com]

The Houston Rockets got their first win of the season with a 120-94 rout of Minnesota. [Chronicle]

Here’s a columnist already burying the Miami Dolphins: No playoffs. [Herald]

No surprise: Porn star admits Tiger Woods sex tape was fake. [NYDN]

What did it take to save Brad Childress from getting fired? The best statistical day in Brett Favre’s career. [Fox Sports]

Woody Paige finds some stats that he thinks backs up his claim that Kyle Orton needs to be replaced. [Post]

Pretty incredible job by this chick on Wheel of Fortune.

NASCAR fight! Jeff Gordon vs. Jeff Burton.

Hockey fight!

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