Trent Dilfer is Really Bullish on Mark Sanchez

Trent Dilfer: He was on Colin Cowherd’s show this morning and offered up this analysis of Mark Sanchez: “Mark Sanchez is playing … top 6-7-8 QBs in this league. I’m just looking at the tape and grading plays … he’s in the top third in the league in playing QB right now. In the last two drives and overtime, he was 10-for-13 – really 10-for-12, since one was a spike – for 130 yards and rushing TD … if Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Philip Rivers does that yesterday, it’s one more [notch?] on their Hall of Fame wall. For some reason, we don’t want to give Mark Sanchez the same credit. It’s ridiculous.” After Sanchez beat Penn State in the Rose Bowl in 2009, we said Sanchez should be the No. 1 pick. Three months later, Dilfer professed his love for Sanchez. Worth noting: Dilfer and Sanchez share the same agent (David Dunn).

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