If College Football Had a Playoff, This is How the 2010 Postseason Might Look

Playoff: If there was a 16-team playoff in college football, here’s how the brackets might look. The higher seed would be at home for all the 1st & 2nd round games. The first four games would be the left half of the bracket; the 2nd four the right half. 1-16: Oregon (Pac-10) vs. Troy (Sun-Belt). 8-9: Nebraska (B12) vs. Wisconsin (at-large). 4-13: Boise State (WAC) vs. Pittsburgh (Big East). 5-12: LSU (at-large) vs. Ohio State (at-large). 2-15: Auburn (SEC) vs. No. Illinois (MAC). 7-10: Michigan State (Big10) vs. Oklahoma State (at-large). 6-11: Stanford (at large) vs. Virginia Tech (ACC). 3-14: TCU (MWC) vs. Central Florida. Obviously they’re just projections – the Big Ten race isn’t settled, Alabama could sneak in, and so could Iowa, Arkansas, Arizona and Utah.

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