Sean Avery's Latest Cheap Shot A Sucker Punch

Sean Avery's Latest Cheap Shot A Sucker Punch


Sean Avery's Latest Cheap Shot A Sucker Punch

Sean Avery put a lick on the Oilers’ Colin Fraser in the Rangers 8-2 victory this afternoon. In the aftermath, Fraser’s teammate Ladislav Smid politely inquired if Avery would like to engage in fisticuffs. Avery declined. Then waited for Ladislav to lower his guard and threw what the Oilers’ called a sucker punch.

Let’s hear some fighting words,

“I just watched my teammate ask a guy to fight,” Peckham said. “Avery said ‘No, no next shift.’ And as soon as Smider turned around, he sucker punched him. He skated by our bench laughing. I definitely made a mistake and went a little wonky, but we’re family and sometimes you have to make a stand for yourself.”

“It was a sucker punch,” Fraser said. “I think he had his chance, fair and square, 1-on-1 with (Smid). I could hear (Smid) with my own ears. ‘Let’s go, let’s go.’ Hey, if you don’t want to fight, that’s fine. You don’t have to fight. But you can’t punch the guy after you’ve already said no.”

Avery has a long and distinguished history of douchebaggery. This is yet another article his mother can clip from the paper and put on the fridge.


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