Rachel Uchitel Regrets Tiger Woods Affair, Greg Norman: 3 Marriages, 2 Majors, & TCU is Screwed

Irina Shayk … two men shaved this guy’s beard, then made him eat it … riots in downtown Phoenix … 5 of the best college tailgating townsMatt Kemp & Rihanna like their Dom Perignon … “Winning $129 million lottery ticket bought at Detroit-area porn store” … to celebrate childbirth: Cigars are OK, joints, not so much … “Michigan High Teacher Suspended For Telling Anti-Gay Student To Shut It” … nice mugshots, machete-wielding 7-11 robbers … climate change solution? God … don’t post naked photos of your ex on Facebook … sounds like six months of free rent to me … Bill Clinton will be in Hangover 2 … the Washington Post, online journalism, and standards …

Pat Williams of the Vikings: Let me see that thong. [Cosby Sweaters]

Does TCU have any shot to play in the BCS title game? Jerry Palm says no. [CBS Sports]

The Miami Dolphins new QB the rest of the season – now that Henne and Pennington are done – is Tyler Thigpen. [Herald]

FC Dallas beat the Galaxy 3-0 to advance to the MLS Cup. [LA Times]

Raheem Brock of the Seahawks was arrested Saturday morning for DUI … then played Sunday. Where’s the outrage? [Times]

Greg Norman got married this weekend. That’s three marriages for the Shark. He won two majors. [Sun]

It’s good to … have a pension in Arizona. [Republic]

Rachel Uchitel regrets sleeping with a married man. She wants people to like her. And she’s applied for a license to work as a private detective. Of course. [Daily Mail]

Sources claim Dwight Howard isn’t a lock to sign an extension next summer. Gulp. [Sentinel]

Decent attempt to put a value on what Cam Newton’s value to Auburn is. [NYT]

Florida State’s Chris Singleton with the first triple double of the college hoops season – 22 points, 11 rebounds, 10 steals. [Observer]

Curtis Kelly is off to a bad start this season at Kansas State. [Jeff Goodman]

Joe Alexander, aka Vanilla Sky, was waived by the Hornets this weekend. [West Virginia Illustrated]

Brett Favre is hurt (again). Brad Childress won’t be fired (this week). Yawn. The Vikings are toast. [Ed Werder]

The Knicks are going to inquire about Steve Nash? Why? [NYDN]

You must wait for the third replay to see why this is such a tremendous catch by Jerricho Cotchery, who only two weeks ago was in the doghouse for multiple drops against the Packers.

Troy Smith (17-for-28, 356 yards) looked real sharp yesterday in San Fran’s win over St. Louis.

Because you want to see it first!

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