The Roundup: Green Lantern Looks Awful, a Cat Farts & Shane Battier Doesn't Like Instant Replay

Blake Lively … any thoughts on checkbook journalism? … Orcas surfing in Australia … cool: the $39 experiment … man steals rings from his mom, swallows them … the TSA is now patting down screaming toddlersnice mugshot … “Half-naked woman found in van with loaded gun, sex toys” … lady who said, “Somebody is going to eat my pussy or I’m going to cut your fucking throat” gets 90 days in jail scooping ice cream is a workplace hazard … bride-to-be paralyzed in freak bachelorette party accident … guy shoots his TV after Bristol Palin advances on DWTS …

Here’s a column about Buzz Bissinger’s twitter rants. [LA Times]

Shane Battier doesn’t like replay. For such an erudite chap, this is baffling. [Point Forward]

Big week for Tiger, huh? Twitter, Mike & Mike, this Newsweek piece … guess he’s trying to blunt all the negative “anniversary” stories that are coming. [Newsweek]

Maine hockey locks up a … high school freshman? [KJ Online]

From Omaha Royals to … Omaha Stormchasers? [World Herald]

Sure, Sally Jenkins, nine games into McNabb’s tenure in Washington, it’s clear he’s a liability. Whatever. [Post]

UConn’s Kemba Walker scored 42 points in a victory last night. [Courant]

Nice read about Richard Collier, the former Jaguar who was shot and paralyzed. [Fanhouse]

The Great Cyberheist. A must-read if you’re into hacking, or reading about hacking. [NYT Magazine]

Break up the Pistons? Weren’t they just rebuilt two summers ago? [Freep]

Matt Barnes thinks the Orlando Magic miss him. [ESPN LA]

Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez talked to a blog. [Access Athlete]

Brandon Paul of Illinois serves up a facial. [via Ballin is a Habit]

I’m a Green Lantern fan, but this just doesn’t look that great.

Seems fake – unless you know what cat farts sound like – but here’s a cat hiccuping and farting at the same time.

The hardcore fans are the ones who make college football so special. Even the ones urinating in the back of a pickup in heavy traffic. [via the Wiz of Odds]

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