Tiger Woods' Interview with Mike & Mike: He Said Nothing, And They Seemed Reluctant to Press for Anything

Tiger Woods: His much ballyhooed interview with Mike & Mike this morning was a bust. Do they know how to ask a follow-up question? For instance: Q – “Tiger, who did you lean on during the last year?” Woods: “Very close friends. People who have been with me a long time.” The 20-minute interview was full of those types of general answers. Q: [About the Ryder Cup wives.] Answer: “A lot of the wives were fantastic. They were extremely nice to me.” Penetrating stuff. We’d have to listen again, but was Elin’s name mentioned once? (Probably not, as Elin questions and car accident questions were banned.) Tiger controlled the interview. We would have more respect for the Mikes if they pressed Tiger hard for specifics and he got huffy. Final softball score: Tiger 7, Mikes 2.

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