"He's Our Coach"

"He's Our Coach"


"He's Our Coach"

“He’s our coach,” is a well-known phrase that we seem to hear every week after some team chokes or gets blown out. Wall Street Journal took did a statistical breakdown of what that phrase means for the job security of “our coach.”

In the 60 times it’s been said about a coach on the hot seat between November 2005-November 2008, that coach was out within two years 33 times. In 10% of the instances it’s said, the coach is gone within a week, and in another 26.7% of the times the coach is out within six months.

One example of “he’s our coach” is Wade Phillips. Jerry Jones originally said “he’s our coach” about Phillips in 2008. While he lasted until just a couple weeks ago, we may need a follow-up study that explores whatever Jones said about Phillips a few weeks before he finally did fire him.

[WSJ, Image via Getty]

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