Lovin' Mark Sanchez on Hyperbole Monday

Peter King’s MVP watch: Mark Sanchez, 4th. George Vecsey of the NYT: The Sanchez Era is here. Backpage of the New York Daily News: “SAN-TASTIC.” Front page of the NY Post: “Thanks for the Miracle.” Colin Cowherd opened his show by saying, “Mark Sanchez is gonna be the next Tom Brady.” Trent Dilfer and Mike Golic of ESPN are squabbling about Sanchez. Let’s hope the hyperbole ends tonight when the Chargers drop half a hundred on the Broncos. Because the Bengals-Jets on Thanksgiving night scare us (even with Cincy 9.5-point dogs). A bounce-back after getting their shit pushed in by the Bills is inevitable.

Because you want to see it first!

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