Rex Ryan & Tom Brady's Shared Bond? Supermodels

Rex Ryan stepped up to the podium yesterday with a straight face, presumably honoring the great Leslie Nielsen, and flatly said the following:

“I never realized how similar I am to Tom Brady. The obvious physical appearance would be the first thing. The fact that he’s married to a supermodel [Gisele Bundchen] . . . Hello?”

Ryan then proceeded to pull out the December issue of InStyle magazine, specifically referencing the always coveted full-page ad on page 329, to reveal a picture of his wife modeling Jets apparel.

“Yes, I’m also married to a supermodel. We are very similar in that way.”

Even if you’re a Patriots fan, it’s acceptable at this point to admit you like Rex Ryan. He’s fat, funny and endearing, and will more than likely do a life-altering Truffle Shuffle before season’s end.

Embrace the spectacle.

Jets’ Ryan ‘models’ self after Patriots’ Brady [New York Post]
[Michelle Ryan via twitpic; Gisele via Getty]

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