Does Phil Jackson Not Like Rudy Tomjanovich?

Does Phil Jackson Not Like Rudy Tomjanovich?


Does Phil Jackson Not Like Rudy Tomjanovich?

Rudy Tomjanovich is a Hall of Fame nominee this year. Tomjanovich averaged 17.4 points per game as a player and lead the Houston Rockets to two titles as a coach. He’s got a solid resume. Currently, Tomjanovich is a scout for the Lakers. Phil Jackson was asked about Rudy T finally getting a possible HOF nod. He seemed unimpressed.

“We’ll see. I’m not on that committee. I like all the coaches to get a chance to go in.”

Jackson agreed with the argument that the Rockets’ championships were tainted because Michael Jordan was out of the league for the first of their title seasons and much of the next.

“Definitely,” Jackson said. “Without a doubt. Clearly, if the Bulls were whole, we would have won. It’s pretty much registered by now. When Michael played, we won the championship.”

Damn, Phil. Is this some residual jealously left over from when Rudy T coached the Lakers during one of Phil’s soul vacations? Or is Jackson just being dry and the reporter didn’t pick up on it? Either way, you can’t argue that the Rockets never would have won those titles if MJ hadn’t been at fantasy camp.

[Houston Chronicle, Image via Getty]

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