LeBron's Return: Get Over It Cleveland

LeBron's Return: Get Over It Cleveland


LeBron's Return: Get Over It Cleveland

Tonight, the Miami Heat visit the Cleveland Cavaliers in the most important regular season basketball game ever. There is no playoff spot on the line – these are two middle-of-the-pack teams and the season isn’t even a quarter of the way over. Still, this is the biggest homecoming game since March 24, 1995 – and these circumstances are very, very different.

The Return of the King

See, this game does mean something. We all know why. Its not like the Christmas day games where the Magic blow out the Lakers or some other meaningless result. This game actually means something to the fans and probably to ultra-sensitive-what-should-I-do LeBron.

But that doesn’t make the idiots printing out chant charts and starting pointless “LeBron sux” blogs right. I mean, shut up. Go to the Quicken Loans arena and boo LeBron. Its your right. Just like when any hated visiting player comes. But this ridiculous list of suggested chants? You people are losers. Bigger losers than that guy at Esquire who has decided to try make his name off hating LeBron in an obnoxious and public manner. (At least with Windy it happened organically.)

This list is beyond pathetic.

12:00-6:00 1st Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the chant is:
NO-Ring-King (To the beat of “Lets-Go-Cavs”)
6:00-0:00 1st Quarter
Whenever LeBron has the ball or is at the free throw line the chant is:
Ak-Ron Hates-You (Clap, Clap, ClapClapClap)

Got that? Keep one eye on the clock and the other on your 3 pages of chant notes. It goes on – and gets more ludicrous – but I’m not going to bother. These people are delusional. They need to move on. LeBron wasn’t the first to sign elsewhere and he won’t be the last.

If by the grace of LeBron the Cavs somehow beat the Heat (second night of a back-to-back) in an emotional game (for the fans) then surely Cleveland will be elated. Some say the best revenge is living well. Others say fighting Toronto and Milwaukee for the 8th spot in the East before getting swept by Boston or Orlando in the first round is the best revenge.

So enjoy your clever chants about how the Cavs didn’t win a title while LeBron was still there. And rejoice whenever he clangs a three off the back of the rim just like he did when you used to love him. You’ve earned it because he owed you. Just don’t start a riot. OK dummies? Thanks.

[h/t – Dime Mag, Photo Getty]

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