Conference Realignment: Big Winner is Boise State

Utah is leaving the Mountain West for the Pac 12 next season. TCU departs for the Big East in 2012. This leaves Boise State, just joining the Mountain West next year, as the only perennial BCS irritant outside the subsidized conferences. Under the current BCS system that may be ideal. They will have a de facto automatic bid.

Hawaii made the Sugar Bowl in 2007, but, TCU and Utah have been the only Non-AQ schools besides Boise to persistently challenge for a BCS place. After 2012, those schools are gone. It will be just Boise State competing every year for the automatic Non-AQ place by finishing in the BCS Top 12. They should get there every year they finish undefeated or with one-loss, which they’ve done seven of the last nine years. After next season, they don’t even need to go through TCU to do it.

Boise State is technically outside the BCS system, but, in practice, their BCS access will be almost identical to Notre Dame, except for the getting all of the money part.

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