BCS Bowl Matchups: Auburn vs. Oregon, No Surprises.

BCS Title Game: (Auburn vs. Oregon) Cam Newton and Oregon’s blur offense, the two college football forces no one has figured out how to stop.  The over/under is 74.5.  Bet the over and make sure to extend the DVR time.

Rose: (Wisconsin vs.TCU) This is an okay matchup, considering the Rose Bowl’s obligations.  In an ideal world, we would have seen Wisconsin play Stanford in a power on power matchup and TCU’s fast defense facing off against Auburn or Oregon’s spread.

Sugar: (Arkansas vs. Ohio State) Thou must have two SEC teams and two Big Ten teams.  Moderate entertainment that will fill hotel rooms, sell merchandise and fuel ratings. Yay, BCS!

Fiesta: (Oklahoma vs. Connecticut) Yeah, I’m not going to watch this one either.  Assume I composed a massive list of teams that should have been playing in this game over UConn.  Hooray for conference subsidizing.

Orange: (Virginia Tech vs. Stanford) Cardinal fans will be travelling 3,000 miles for this one, all 12 of them.  Both teams will be spirited.  This should be the best game.

Teams That Got Shafted: Boise State, Michigan State

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