Dave Wannstedt Resigns as Pitt Head Coach

Long Time Coming: Dave Wannstedt resigned as Pitt head coach. He always did just well enough to earn the benefit of the doubt, until this season. Wannstedt lost close, winnable games against Utah, Notre Dame and Connecticut, but the home losses – a 31-3 blowout to a Miami team that got Randy Shannon fired and a 35-10 loss to West Virginia with the Big East Title at stake –did him in. Fan sentiment had progressed from “How do you not win the Big East with NFL-caliber talent” to “Why am I bothering to care about this team any more.” This was the right move. By agreeing to resign, Wannstedt leaves with his dignity and bitchin’ mustache intact.  Is Tom Bradley ready to put on the big boy pants? [FanHouse]

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