Friday Flashbacks: Nick Lowery Slaps Ball Boy and Bill Walsh Could Have Coached the Jets

Do not touch this man's ballsThe Friday Flashbacks return again, with headlines from seasons past for the week of December 10 to December 16.

Nick Lowery slaps Patriots Ball Boy who would not properly rub up his balls (1995) . . . Walter Payton’s father died in a jail in Columbia, Mississippi after being arrested for suspicion of DUI after a minor traffic accident. An investigation into his death was initiated (1978) . . .Maryland and Clemson black listed for a year for accepting invitations to bowl games, against conference policy (1951) . . . Rae Carruth, wanted for murder of his girlfriend, found hiding in trunk of car at Tennessee motel (1999) . . . Ricochet to Rashad beats the Cardiac Kids (1980) . . . Gale Sayers ties NFL record with six touchdowns; Kansas City fullback Mack Lee Hill dies from blood clot during surgery after knee injury (1965) . . .

Lou Holtz resigns as coach of the Jets. Candidates to replace him: Walt Michaels and Bill Walsh.  The Jets eventually picked Michaels (1976) . . .   Willingham out, Weis in at Notre Dame (2004) . . . Georgia Governor is lampooned by the press for attempting to stop Georgia Tech from playing Pittsburgh in bowl game, because Pitt has black players (1955) . . . Houston Oilers player Jeff Alm kills himself after his friend is killed in car accident (1993) . . . Cleveland Browns make a bold move to get rights to Ernie Davis, trade Bobby Mitchell to Washington (1961) . . . With Chiefs scheduled to play an upcoming playoff game against the Dolphins on Christmas Day, a local politician introduces a bill to ban Christmas Day football in Missouri (1971) . . .

The NFL filed a lawsuit to prevent Leonard Tose from moving the Eagles to Phoenix (1984) . . . Big East Conference announces it will start playing football as a conference the next fall (1990) . . . Man, I use to love playing Super Bowl Electric Football (1973) . . . Joe Paterno: “we have playoffs in just about every other NCAA sport.  Why not in football?” (1969) . . . Johnny Lujack sets a record for passing yards (468) and throws 6 touchdowns at Wrigley Field against the Cardinals (1949) . . . Paying players in the Southwest Conference, how would $25,000 translate today? (1986).

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