Senators’ Matt Carkner Flicks Blood At Rangers’ Bench

Matt Carkner, a defenseman for the Ottowa Senators alleged flicked blood at the New York Rangers’ bench last night. Carkner had been split open during a fight with New York’s Derek Boogaard. Carkner denies that his intention was to get blood on his opponents.

“Maybe I made a gesture or something like that,” he said. “The (linesman) said he had to give me a 10 and I’m like, ‘Why?’ He said they were complaining. I don’t know, I just got in a fight with a big guy and the adrenalin was rushing. I tried to get off the ice and they were chirping me.”

Carkner denied flicking blood.

“No, no,” he said. “I don’t even know who was bleeding at the time. I saw Boogaard was bleeding on the ice. I was just trying to skate off and get our guys going.”

While I think its gross that Carkner flicked blood at the Rangers’ bench, I do have to admit I enjoy using the words “flick” and “flicking” in a serious new story. You don’t see that often.

[Toronto Sun]

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