Russell Martin May Help Yankees Fans Forget … Ah, Who am I Kidding

Russell Martin: The Yankees attempted to bounce-back from missing out on Cliff Lee by acquiring former All-Star catcher Russell Martin. (He dates/dated this model, if you care.) It won’t assuage the masses, many who have already plunged off windy ledges in the Boogie Down. If you didn’t think we covered the Phillies and Cliff Lee appropriately today, here’s a good read at SI.com, and one about Lee’s agent who deftly navigated the choppy free agent waters. No apology yet to Jon Heyman from Buster Olney, in case you’re wondering. Where do the Rangers go from here? Who cares. Baseball’s probably happier they won’t sniff the World Series again, considering how dreadful the ratings were. The guess here is 80ish wins and a dogfight with Anaheim in the mediocre AL West.

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