Cleveland Showing Up At LeBron’s New Home Like Scorned Ex-Lover. Pathetic.

Not even two weeks ago LeBron James visited Cleveland and I pleaded with Cavaliers’ fans to just let it go. Then LeBron torched his former team for 38 points. I was hoping it would end there – but no. Tonight the Cavaliers come crawling back to LeBron. At this point, its just pathetic. LeBron has moved on and so should the Cavaliers.

There’s no need to drop by his new home where he is hanging out with his new family. Especially, this close to the holidays. I don’t care if the Cavaliers and LeBron did have plans tonight. When LeBron chose Miami, they should have cleared their calander. By keeping the date, the Cavs just look hung up on their ex.

They should leave him alone and everyone should try to move on. Believe me, its for the best. See, I feel none of the scorn from earlier this month. The fans seem to have moved on. The media is barely mentioning this meeting. Since the first meeting after the breakup, the Heat have won 6 straight games and 9 overall. Just let it go.

Oh yeah – The Celtics and Knicks play on ESPN tonight. So do the Blazers and Mavs.

Because you want to see it first!

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