Colin Cowherd on AJ Burnett's Divorce: "Worst Divorce in the History of Divorces." Burnett's Agent: "Cowherd Has No Idea What He's Talking About"

Colin Cowherd was trying to convey to his listeners yesterday that the Yankees weren’t suddenly destitute because Cliff Lee picked the Phillies, and the ESPN radio host strangely brought up AJ Burnett, who struggled in pinstripes last year.

Cowherd attributed said struggles to “the worst divorce in the history of divorces.” (It made google trends.) Hours later, Burnett’s agent, Darek Braunecker, said, “Colin Cowherd has no idea what he’s talking about … not in the process nor was he ever in the process of getting a divorce.”

Cowherd opened today’s show with an apology to Burnett (“That’s on me, not my source … that’s my fault, 100%). He added that he called and spoke with Burnett’s agent last night about the issue. Cowherd added that he wasn’t “being pressured by anybody in the company … this is my issue, not ESPN. If I created drama for AJ yesterday, I apologize for that.”

[Audio via Bob’s Blitz]

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