Big Ten Will Reconsider “Legends” and “Leaders” Division Names Before Season Starts

The Wise Decision: After nearly unanimous disapproval, the Big Ten will reconsider its “Legends” and “Leaders” division names in January. “We’re trying to build fan bases, not push them away,” commissioner Jim Delaney said.  Honesty, humility and open dialogue is always preferable. Lakes and Plains is problematic. Do you put both Michigan schools and Northwestern in the “Plains” or Nebraska/Iowa in the “Lakes?” But, something geographic “Superior,” “Huron” or “Erie” could work. Also, reexamine the names concept. “Schembechler” and “Hayes” might be too soon, but “Stagg,” “Grange” or “Yost” would reflect the conference’s traditions without offending anyone. At least start with different letters.  If you could avoid a “Decision” style presentation, that would be great as well.  Now, about the logo… [Big Ten Blog]

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