NFLPA and NFL Fight Over the Numbers

NFLPA vs. NFL in Letters to the Editor:  The NFLPA sent a letter to sports editors requesting they stop referencing that the players get 60% of the revenue.  The NFL responded with their own letter, claiming that the NFLPA is engaging in sleight of hand.  I could bore you with the details, and I’m sure we will have plenty of time to talk about this issue once the season ends, but for now, I’m a bit stunned that the NFL and NFLPA believe that the public cares whether the players are getting 52% or 60%.  Football fans want to hear that football will be played next year, with the real players.  I find the NFL’s tact of pointing out the player salaries in their letter interesting, considering, well, that they probably don’t want to get into a “how much money do we make” public relations fight. [National Football Post]

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