Derek Dooley Grounded For Two Weeks for Accidentally Posting on Recruit's Facebook Wall

Derek Dooley, Tennessee’s always-interesting football coach, slipped up while communicating with a recruit on Facebook, and as punishment, the NCAA sent him to bed without any dessert and took away his Nintendo for two weeks.

Dooley had been “permissibly communicating” with O’Leary through the e-mail function on Facebook. When he received an e-mail from O’Leary on June 3, Dooley, using a Motorola Droid, mistakenly sent his message to O’Leary’s wall, which, depending on how O’Leary configured his privacy settings, could be viewed by all 500 million Facebook members.

After the NCAA became aware of the snafu, Dooley was prevented from recruiting O’Leary for two weeks. It’s like they grounded him! This cracks me up:

Dooley’s message was not “a typical wall posting one would make on Facebook” and “is more consistent with a private, personal e-mail,” according to a list of mitigating factors in the report.

Dooley was instructed not to use his phone to respond to Facebook messages and was set to receive “technical instruction in the use of the Facebook application on his mobile phone.” Education of NCAA bylaw was also provided to his entire staff.

The NCAA, what a circus. A two week grounding and teaching a coach how to use a mobile app? What a joke.

Oh, and O’Leary is no longer considering the Vols. [Go Vols Extra]

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