LeBron Clarifies His Contraction Comments, Mild Laughter Ensues

LeBron on Contraction: Remember last week how the league’s best player was all for the idea of eliminating a few teams? He says he, uh … didn’t say that. “I had no idea what the word ‘contraction’ meant before I saw it on the Internet … I never even mentioned that. That word never even came out of my mouth.” Says ESPN’s John Hollinger: “While one can make a financial argument against continuing to operate franchises in places like New Orleans or Memphis, the basketball argument is ridiculous.” Peter Vecsey agreed with LeBron: “Meanwhile, in a last-ditch stab at fairness, as tactless as LeBron’s proposition was, it happens to be accurate despite yesterday’s attempted retraction for obvious reasons … Fact is, the NBA is watered down, and teams were better, overall, back in the ’80s.” Hey LeBron, you were right. Why take the comments back?

Because you want to see it first!

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