ESPN's Rough Start to 2011: Network Apologizes for Schefter & Storm's High-Five, Franklin's Tomfoolery

We’re barely four days into 2011 and ESPN has already had to put out two fires. Last night, the network apologized for Adam Schefter and Hannah Storm high-fiving each other after Eric Mangini was fired, and announcer Ron Franklin apologized for his idiotic remarks to colleague Jeannine Edwards prior to the Fiesta Bowl. Apologies after the jump.

On the Mangini debacle (which, amazingly, already has over 1 million views on Youtube in less than 24 hours):

Their actions were inappropriate, and they immediately recognized this and acknowledged it on-air. While they were not making light of the firing itself, Everyone involved understands how difficult it is on individuals to lose their jobs and the effect it can have on their families, and ESPN apologizes for the incident.

Edwards, who had two run-ins with former Kentucky basketball coach Billy Gillespie, yesterday admitted Ron Franklin called her “sweet baby” not “sweet cakes.” Then, ESPN released a statement to SI via Franklin: “I said some things I shouldn’t have, and I’m sorry. I deserved to be taken off the Fiesta Bowl.”

Add these two snafus to the Christmas Day plagiarism and it’s been a rough 10 days for ESPN.

Paul Farhi of the Washington Post has neatly summarized the history of ESPN employees demeaning its female staff.

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