Jim Harbaugh Rumor Tuesday: Miami Dolphins?

Jim Harbaugh Rumor Tuesday: Miami Dolphins?


Jim Harbaugh Rumor Tuesday: Miami Dolphins?

The Jim Harbaugh coaching rumors will be fast and furious today – the 49ers obviously will be mentioned frequently, the Carolina Panthers will probably get some play, and some media members will probably float the Denver Broncos. But I’m hearing the team that made an impact on Harbaugh in the aftermath of last night’s Orange Bowl victory was the Miami Dolphins. And there’s mutual interest.

The last time I heard something about Harbaugh – Monday morning – many folks skeptical, as is the case when blogs veer into that dangerous news-breaking arena (more on that later). But the Free Press wrote basically the same thing this morning (we differ on when Harbaugh-to-Michigan was done; I say the weekend, Rosenberg says Monday). At any rate, Harbaugh-to-Miami has been discussed due to some connections between the two, but as of this moment, I’m hearing the Dolphins are the leader for Harbaugh’s services, should he decide to leave. Harbaugh’s a supremely confident guy who some think will probably gauge all the NFL interest he has, then go back to Andrew Luck and see if he wants to stay at Stanford, before making a decision.

This, of course, is terrible news to Jets fans, who already have to deal with one outstanding coach in Bill Belichick, and now could be facing a terrific up-and-coming coach.

Miami did not fire coach Tony Sparano yesterday. Smells like one of those, “hey Jim, sign here, and we’ll fire Sparano.” I’m hearing Miami doesn’t want to fire Sparano without a plan B (which is what Michigan is grappling with today).

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