David Stern Thinks the Tattoo Phase Will Pass

David Stern: The NBA commish spoke to Jason Whitlock – who really is in love with this NBA this year; he’s written more about two months of hoops than he did the entire college football season – and we found this response to question about tattoos very father-like. “It used to be afros and earrings and a whole lot of other things that were just expressions were viewed as something that was not desirable. And we stood back and said, ‘Come on, let’s relax.’ So you and your anti-tattoo thing, I say, relax, this too shall pass.” I’d like to hear reaction from Birdman Anderson or DeShawn Stevenson. (Secretly, we’re hoping NBA All-Star weekend devolves into chaos and anarchy like it did in Vegas. Who can forget this column?) [Fox Sports]

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