Snoop Dogg Featuring Dana White, Plus A Driveway Brawl Where We All Win

TBL favorite Snoop Dogg and UFC President Dana White are homies from way back. And if you don’t know, now ya know. White recently paid a $20,000 debt to Snoop he owed from the Lakers Finals win over White’s hometown Celtics last summer. He then joined Snoop on stage to sing the hook on Lay Low. After the jump, two people with even more street cred.

Warning: NSFW for dumb white kids saying words they most definitely should not and for brief  Chubby Teenager Butt Crack.

The fat kid had opportunities, but couldn’t do anything with full mount or a triangle that was right there for him to lock in. Truthfully, he gassed early and never recovered. The other kid stayed active and tried to push the action so I’m scoring this one for The Ginger, 10-9. Ed Herman would be proud. As for the kid with all the tats, “I’m not running away dick, I lost my balance” is a line that surely resonates with Brock Lesnar. And seriously, who took the bong? That’s just not cool.

“Say goodnight!”

/swings pillow wildly

[Fun with Dana and Snoop via Fightlinker and Cage Writer, video h/t to Rex]

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