Charissa Thompson Lets Us Inside Her Brain

Charissa Thompson is a sideline reporter who was most recently featured on this site as the reporter with 60/1 odds to break the Harbaugh to Michigan story. Thompson shared some personal information with Yahoo!’s Jason King. Some of the things we didn’t know about her may surprise you.

“I am scared of potato bugs.” (I definitely didn’t see that coming.)

“I have to take a shower every night before I go to bed! No matter how tired I am. And I always take a shower after I get off planes. Slightly shower-obsessed -– a little OCD in that way.”

“I always put my left shoe on first, then my right.”

“I have a glove obsession. I’ll buy tons of pairs of gloves and never wear them.”

[The Post Game]

Update: A reader sent in some pictures of Thompson working the sidelines of last year’s Vikings-Browns tilt that a friend took. I didn’t know you were allowed to bring three-foot zoom lenses into NFL stadiums.

Because you want to see it first!

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