Phil Simms on Belichick's Benching of Wes Welker

Welker’s Benching: “Phil Simms, who appeared on WEEI’s Dale & Holley Show, said he and the others in the broadcast booth Sunday learned of Wes Welker’s benching just a minute or two before they went on the air. ‘It was kind of by accident how we found out. Somebody heard somebody talking on the field and we then looked into it, and it was verified, so that’s why we said it, that they were going to hold him out. I thought when Wes Welker did his tongue-in-cheek thing about Rex Ryan this past week, I thought, well, OK, he must have gotten the OK to go out and kind of attack the Jets a little bit, but apparently he did not have that OK so he paid the price … Once I heard, I went, whoa, OK, he did not like the interview and this is how he’s going to discipline Wes Welker. You know, it sends a message.'” Belichick has had plenty of material for people to take shots at, not surprising he didn’t appreciate Welker’s comedy routine. Homie don’t play that. [ESPN Boston]

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