Roundup: LeBron's Web Animated Series, Jimmer Fredette From Deep & Josh McDaniels to St. Louis

Emma Stone … Why does Roger Ailes hate America? … how the Jets celebrated after beating the Patriots …where the Bears (and Mike Wilbon) celebrated Chicago’s win over Seattle Sunday … nice job raising $30 million … can’t wait to see the rest of this Minka Kelly photoshoot … Miss USA 1992 takes plea deal in shoplifting case … this headline has nothing to do with this column on Amy Chua … the hazards of Duke (very long read) … how to kick someone’s ass with a newspaper … a Jets’ cheerleader on the win over the Patriots … aw, quit bashing BanskyLuther Campbell, always interesting … January Jones is on the market … the Japanese Penis Festival (NSFW) … hey Press-Gazette, get spell check

Has Carmelo Anthony ever had this much written about him? [Basketball Prospectus]

If investors have their way, the Steelers or Packers will win the Super Bowl. [Blog]

How the Jets confused Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. [Boston Globe]

And now the opposite – the Jets just had more talent than the Patriots. [Herald]

LeBron will be starring in his own web animated series this spring. [NYT]

“Back to Back Blues? The Effect of Road Trips in the Ivy League.” [Harvard Sports Analysis Collective]

The Rams have hired Josh McDaniels to run their offense. Hope he doesn’t try to get the franchise to trade Sam Bradford for Tim Tebow. [Post-Dispatch]

Other than one heralded freshman, do any of the young kids look like Top 10 draft locks? [NBA Draft Insider]

Teams that were hurt and helped by players who left early for the NFL and stayed in school. [SI]

Mark Sanchez got front page treatment in the New York Times Tuesday. [Times]

Joe Posnanski writes about the sudden retirement of Gil Meche. [Blog]

Some new details of the Tucson shooting based on surveillance cameras. [Wash Post]

Who’s dated who, NFL Conference Championship edition. [Super Booyah]

Kentucky rallies from 20 down … but still loses to Alabama, 68-66. [Herald Leader]

Big Baby Davis is a character, and I’m a fan.

I’d watch Rashida Jones folding laundry or checking her email or doing any other mundane household task.

Here’s the first part of Howard Stern’s appearance on a show hosted by some guy named Piers Morgan.

Jimmer Fredette hit this one from Salt Lake City. [via Gary Parrish]

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