Mike Wallace Has Bought a Ticket - Willingly? - to Revis Island

Darrelle Revis-Mike Wallce: This is from KC Joyner, the Football Scientist (Insider needed). “Revis still struggled late in the year against slants and skinny posts, as pass catchers were 4-for-5 for 54 yards on those routes against Revis since Week 8 … Since Wallace is 6-for-10 for 117 yards on routes of that nature this year, it means he is adept at the one area where Revis has shown a historical propensity to give up yards.” Hey KC, whatever you do, don’t pull a Tom Jackson Monday morning after Revis calls you out Sunday night. Now, the bad news – the last time I mentioned Joyner … well, he appears right and I’m probably wrong. Back to Revis: here’s Michael Silver on the best corner in the NFL.

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