Can Herschel Walker Really Make An NFL Comeback?

Herschel Walker is fighting on this Saturday’s Strikeforce card. It will be his second career MMA fight. Just being in that good a shape at 48-years-old is impressive. Just look at him. Dude is ripped like a Ninja Turtle. The fact that he’s giving a second sport a try at this age is incredible, but what if he was considering an NFL comeback? He is.

On a recent conference call to talk about his upcoming fight he seemed pretty confident.

“If I continue to stay in the shape I’m in now, I know I can play when I’m 50. Right now, if you asked if I can play today, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind I can play football today, that I can help out a team today.”

If you’re worried that Walker has lost a step or two, he claims to have run the 40-yard-dash in 4.38 or 4.39 seconds in 2010.

“I haven’t been doing my track work, but I think if I get back into my track work and the way I run, I can still run pretty well.”

Yeah, I’d say so. For what its worth, Darrell Green supposedly ran a 4.43-40 on his 50th birthday last year.

So if Herschel Walker is in this good a shape and still that fast, is it really that insane to think that some NFL team could give him a shot? Walker was nothing if not durable during his 12-year career. He missed just 5 games in his career and 4 of them came in his second season. The conventional glass ceiling for a running back is 30-years-old, but if anyone can do it, it has to be Herschel Walker.

[FanHouse, Image via SHOsports]

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