Bachleor Contestant Michelle Money Admits to an Affair with Carlos Boozer

Michelle Money, a contestant on the Bachelor, told Life & Style Magazine that she had an affair with Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer – while he was married. “Yes, I was in a relationship with Carlos while he was still married. What I did was wrong,” she told the Magazine (no link, Life & Style just sent out an email about it).

According to the story, they met in Salt Lake City (she was a big deal there, apparently) when Boozer was with the Jazz. She claims Boozer told her he was separated (the magazine says he filed for divorce in March 2009). Of course, three months after he filed for divorce, Boozer and Money ended things.

This makes the timeline for Boozer’s divorce a bit hazy. The Salt Lake Tribune reported divorce proceedings for Boozer and his wife had been in the works since August of 2010. So did he get back together with his wife after splitting with the Bachelor chick? This cheating revelation also makes you wonder about that mysterious hand injury Boozer suffered back in October. If I just say “Elin Woods” will you catch my drift?

Michelle Money (that can’t possibly be her real name) is on twitter, if you care.

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