Roundup: Djokovic Crushes Federer Down Under

Cheryl Tweedy … marijuana soda, coming soon! … “Foul-mouthed murderer gets 107 years in jail for shootout, tells judge ‘suck my dick‘” … where have 62,000 guns gone over the last three years? … “Harps Stores Causes Outrage By Censoring Us Weekly Elton John Cover” … following media outrage, Harps lifted the censor … is Four Loko to blame? … that’s an expensive haircut, Bieber … not sure how I feel about Will Ferrell on ‘The Office‘ … these brothers are polar opposites … most people have a strong feeling about this story … does anyone use AOL’s Patch? … Taco Bell’s president speaks! …

Novak Djokovic cruised by Roger Federer in straight sets at the Australian Open. [CBS News]

The most “exciting” team in the NFL? Houston. The Jets were 10th. The Steelers? 29th. [WSJ]

“… the Cardinals will remain prosperous long after the Pujols Era finally ends, however it ends.” Bracing for impact? [Post Dispatch]

How Nebraska’s Deal With Corn Fed Came to an End [The Wiz of Odds]

According to some stats, Monta Ellis and Steph Curry can’t play defense together. Hey, the Knicks would love to have Curry running point. [Warriors World]

Because we haven’t talked about Albert Pujols enough this week. [Joe Sports Fan]

Could Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick really have played his way into the 2nd round? [Draft Insider]

Fantasy football accuracy rankings. This site didn’t do too badly. [Fifth Down]

How Danny Ainge kept the Celtics together when things looked so bleak last year. [SI]

No. 1 seed Caroline Wozniacki has been bounced from the Australian Open. [Herald Sun]

Providence 83, Villanova 68. Not as big a surprise as Syracuse getting routed at home by Seton Hall, but an eyebrow-raisers, nonetheless. [Providence Journal]

Zack Follett has lost his damn mind. [via Hot Clicks]

Degree of difficulty: 7.1?

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