"I’d be happier if we had some Zenyatta burgers." Mike Wilbon Has Angered Some Horse Lovers

Yesterday on PTI, Mike Wilbon said, “I’d be happier if we had some Zenyatta burgers. It’s about time for that, right?” Horse racing fans are no happy and blogger Zipse At The Track has deemed Wilbon horse racing’s enemy number 1 and calling for Wilbon’s head.

It is now clear that Wilbon is not a fan of horses either. I can only hope that yesterday’s despicable statement was some miserable attempt at humor, but the fact remains, for any television personality to say that he would like to eat the most popular race horse in the world, is unacceptable.

Zipse calls for a boycott of PTI by horse racing fans wants Wilbon off ESPN. He also hopes that Wilbon comes back in the next life as a chicken.


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