Roundup: Michigan State's Struggles Continue, Bud Adams is the New Al Davis & Gonzaga's in Trouble

Lea Michele … explosives over shoveling doesn’t seem like a great idea … in these aviators, Jay Cutler looks like a guy out of Top Gun … Amanda Bynes has rejoined twitter … for the four of you that watch ‘Teen Mom‘ … which Detroit Lions’ player “violated” this woman? … Comcast has jettisoned NBC’s Peacock … this polar bear swam for nine straight days … is Facebook making people sad? … so they cut the internet in Egypt … college freshman sure are stressed out …will Keith Olbermann go to HBO to host a show? …

A celebrity seating chart for Lakers’ games at Staples. [Hollywood Reporter]

Michigan 61, Michigan State 57. As I said earlier this week – just a disastrous season for the Spartans. [Detroit News]

Is Tennessee owner Bud Adams the new Al Davis? The middle finger moment in 2009 should have been a hint. [Tennessean]

Gonzaga lost at home to St. Mary’s, 73-71, and probably needs to win the WCC tournament to get to the NCAA tournament. [AP]

Carl Landry does not appear to be having fun in Sacramento, where he’s surrounded by selfish players. [Sac Bee]

Illinois was stunned at Indiana, 52-49. Huge win for Tom Crean. Enormous. [Indy Star]

How the Hoops Whisperer fixed Josh Smith’s shot. [Point Forward]

Did you know Don King killed a man in a street fight and did four years in prison? I didn’t. [The Postgame]

Really nice story about Jorge Gutierrez and how he went from Mexico to Denver (illegaly), and is now thriving with the Cal Bears. [SI]

One writer’s All-Senior Bowl practice team. [CBS Sports]

The YES Network vs. Yankee bloggers. [CSTB]

Geoff Calkins unloads on OJ Mayo. [Commercial Appeal]

Did you know OSU teammates Aaron Craft and Jared Sullinger used to be AAU rivals? [The Lantern]

I wish I could dunk. [via Jersey Chaser]

This commercial is so bad, it almost looks like a spoof.

Because you want to see it first!

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