Super Bowl Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview

Super Bowl Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview


Super Bowl Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview

That’s right, the Super Bowl – or, as people on the television call it, “The Big Game” – is finally here. With it comes the gambling, the overeating and the sickening knowledge that we might not see another real NFL football game for a very long time. Hopefully, the Steelers and Packers make for a good enough contest that we can justify the long wait.

Your Final Pigsplsoin For Who Knows How Long

Season Retrospective: Steelers (12-4)
The season started with their quarterback suspended. It didn’t matter. Dennis Dixon was under center for week 1 against the Falcons. The next week, Charlie Batch put up a 5-11 performance to out-duel Kerry Collins. Defense wins championships, but it also wins games early in the year. The Ravens stole one in Pittsburgh in week 4 before the Steelers bye week. Then Roethlisberger came back and they extended their record to 5-1. They put themselves in such a good postion early in the year then dealt with injuries and a patchwork offensive line the rest of the way. They lost Aaron Smith in week 7. It really was a remarkable run. The only 4 games they lost were to playoff teams. They gave up 62.8 rushing yards a game in the regular season. The playoffs were a mere formality. Now they’re looking for their third title in six years. That’s not fair to the rest of the league.

Season Retrospective: Packers (10-6)
Ryan Grant went down in the first game. Lost for the season. One of the most balanced and dangerous attacks in the league had to turn to James Starks, Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn. Aaron Rodgers dealt with concussions. They lost to the Lions, Redskins and Dolphins. Then Rodgers carved up the Falcons in Atlanta and they were the Super Bowl favorites.

Green Bay Packers (-3) over Pittsburgh Steelers
6:30pm-ish – FOX

There’s never been an easier choice for me. I really like Rodgers. I’ve been in the bag for Green Bay since Ryan Grant won me some money a few years back with his 200+ yard performance in the snow. My feelings on Big Ben – while I’ve grown to accept his place as an elite player – are well known. So, yes, this is a bit of a homer pick despite the fact that I’m not a real Green Bay fan. When it’s all over, I hope its a good game. If the NFL isn’t around next season, I’ll miss it. I’ll miss rooting for Rodgers and I’ll miss rooting against Roethlisberger. Just know I’ll miss them differently, but equally.

Finally, let’s give the readers who don’t comment a chance to voice their opinion. They’re often forgotten because they don’t make noise and tell us how much we suck. So, unidentified readers of The Big Lead [Sports].com, who do you think will win? Forget the spread – who holds that glorious trophy at the end of the night?

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Now lets get to work on that Black Eyed Peas set list!

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