Aaron Rodgers is Thrilled Colin Cowherd Has Finally Let Him Into the Imaginary "VIP" QB Club

Throughout the NFL season, ESPN radio’s Colin Cowherd has seemed annoyed that Aaron Rodgers was considered an elite quarterback. Cowherd repeatedly bemoaned the fact that Rodgers had never won a playoff game. And that the Packers had a weak record (at one point, 1-11) in close games with Rodgers at QB.

Then Rodgers won three road playoff games in a row and went to the Super Bowl, where he shredded the best defense in the league – 24-of-39, 304 yards, and three TDs; stats that would have been better if not for a few drops by his receivers – en route to the MVP award. Rodgers got in a few jabs of this own this morning during an interview with Cowherd.

Rodgers’ first good line comes early:

“Maybe even people like yourself can be fans of me now.”

And then, after Cowherd stammers for 35 seconds about some imaginary “VIP” QB club, Rodgers asks, “have you mentioned it yet? … Good. I really wanted to hear that from you … now I hope I can live up to your standards of being an elite quarterback.”

Extremely well played, Mr. Rodgers.

Because you want to see it first!

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