Jimmer Fredette Hero-Worship Reaching Scary Levels

Jimmer Fredette has become a star. He’s got a rap song about him. He’s got bloggers standing with their hands clasped in in the background of pictures in his hometown newspaper. He even has a tribute song performed by former Cougars Shawn Bradley and Chad Lewis, as well as former Cougar football coach LaVell Edwards. Surprisingly, not everyone is as excited to hear about Jimmer as Shawn Bradley and myself.

A BYU student wrote a letter to the editor of the BYU student newspaper about the Jimmer Idol Worship.

I can’t walk across campus without hearing Jimmer Fredette’s name a dozen times. His name comes up everywhere: in class, at work, during lunch …  really, people? Cut it out with the Jimmer worship. Last time I checked, idol worship was very much frowned upon in the scriptures.

She made the mistake of signing her name. Her Facebook page is now officially the online meeting place of the Jimmer Fredette Fan Club. Believe it or not, I did not leave a comment.

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