Roundup: Michael Young Wants Out of Texas & Mike Wilbon Watched the Super Bowl at the White House

Marissa Miller and Maria Menounos … Rolling Stone photoshopped Katy Perry … the New Yorker investigates the Church of Scientology … here’s Shakira hanging out with soccer player Gerard Pique … the rise and fall of the foreclosure kingKeith Olbermann is making some kind of announcement today; will it be Current TV? … Bieber: “All right. We’re done, right?” … a Robocop statue in Detroit is not happening …

The Tennessee Titans have a new coach: Mike Munchak. [Tennessean]

Michael Young wants out of Texas, and he’s named 8 teams he’s willing to go to: St. Louis, Minnesota, Houston, Colorado, San Diego, the New York Yankees and both teams in Los Angeles. [Star-Telegram]

Mike Wilbon went to a Super Bowl party at the White House. [ESPN]

Mark Sanchez and a slew of other athletes were in Nevada for the Super Bowl. [Review-Journal]

Nice road win for Pitt without Ashton Gibbs. [Post-Gazette]

Nice win for Kansas last night without Josh Selby. If the Jayhawks’ bench plays like this in March, they’ve got to be a title contender. [Star]

That Jon Gruden-to-Philly rumor over the weekend, in a word: Stupid. [CSN Philly]

Michael Oher already has had a book written about him and a movie made about his story. Now he’s writing his own book. [USA Today]

All SEC 2nd team safety Janzen Jackson has withdrawn from Tennessee. [Knox News]

“Michael Strahan looks about as comfortable on that red carpet as Keith Olbermann does in a red state.” [Norman Chad]

Knicks GM Donnie Walsh to Newsday reporter Alan Hahn, who called him at midnight last weekend about a ‘Melo trade that ESPN floated. “Why would you call me and ask me that question at 12 o’clock at night?” [Newsday]

One of many people ripping the Huff Post-AOL deal. [Daily Beast]

Kevin Love scored 27 points and collected 17 rebounds – tying Kevin Garnett’s franchise record for consecutive double-doubles – in a nice win over the Hornets. [Star Trib]

Boston bloggers love to defend Kevin Garnett. [Celtics Blog]

Howard Stern killed it on Letterman last week.

Are you more likely to see Cowboys & Aliens or …

Super 8?

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