Cam Newton Killed It at His Workout, Wants Brett Favre to Mentor Him

Cam Newton impressed assembled media at his workout or, at least Trent Dilfer, whose praise was effusive.  Dilfer called his performance “phenomenal” and said “if scouts saw this, they’d be slobbering.”  Though, there is only so much you can tell from a workout.  Though Dilfer is smitten, Cam wants a different Super Bowl winning quarterback to mentor him, Brett Favre.

The old gunslinger was the reason Newton chose Bus Cook as his agent.  He hopes Favre will work with him before the combine and the NFL Draft.

“When Brett Favre came into the meeting room as I was trying to decide which agent I was going to select, I seen Brett and Brett’s calling me by my name, and I was like wow,” Newton said while appearing on “NFL Total Access” on NFL Network. “It’s unheard of and it’s a dream come true just to be acknowledged and being able to talk and call Brett any time I feel like.”

Favre should offer the young quarterback some sage advice about succeeding in the NFL. Peter King likes his family dinner anecdotes heart-warming. Check down receivers are, in fact, for pansies. When you sexually harass team employees at 25, you are an impish rascal. When you’re still doing it in your 40s, you are old and creepy.

Be wary of his text messages.

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