Albert Pujols in a Royals Jersey. Can You Dig It?

Albert Pujols has rejected the first offer from St. Louis, and according to USA Today, “unless a dramatic change is made, [he’ll] announce Tuesday he’s ceasing contract talks for the duration of the season.” Cardinals fans are crestfallen, but I still think this is a great thing for baseball.

Tony LaRussa is right – this will be a major distraction for the Cardinals. (Don’t worry, St. Louis fans, the Reds and their pitching depth are winning the Central, anyway.) Take LeBron from last season and Carmelo Anthony this season and factor in baseball’s 162-game season … and you’ve got an unlimited supply of Pujols speculation and rumors that will prop up the no-news, dead sports months of June and July. A victory for baseball.

According to Buster Olney, a trade is out of the question, because Pujols will veto them all.

Wonder what Bud Selig would think of one of the best hitters in the sport landing in the baseball wasteland that is Kansas City? I’m sure he’d prefer Pujols end up in a major market. Among teams that have use for a 1st baseman, that would include the Mets, the Chicagos, Anaheim, Los Angeles, or Oakland.

Because you want to see it first!

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