Erin Andrews Was Just Following in the Footsteps of Her Colleagues Getting a Sneaker Deal

Remember how the Erin Andrews sneaker deal with Reebok last month became something of an issue when the Oregonian to write about the potential conflict of interest? Well her very public deal is nothing compared to the rest of of the Gameday crew – Fowler, Herbstreit and Corso – all taking money from NIKE “largely [for] speaking engagements.” The best part?

ESPN didn’t even know about their deals with NIKE. Fowler quickly ended his deal with NIKE when Richard Sandomir of the Times began poking around. Said Corso: “We don’t do very much and they’re unbelievable to us. We wear their product, which is part of it.” I bet they’re unbelievable to you guys, Lee.

Somewhere, a blogger who has recorded every Gameday for the last two years is parsing the tapes to see if the trio have a penchant for mentioning NIKE on air. And quietly, Adidas is no doubt working behind the scenes to outfit Desmond Howard, Tom Rinaldi and Jenn Brown for the upcoming season (well, assuming they don’t have a deal with Phil Simms). [NY Times]

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