Frugal Royals Owner Already Doing His Best to Squash Albert Pujols Rumors

Albert Pujols: For a moment, Royals fans dared to dream. Pujols! Kansas City! Maybe it could happen! Enter frugal Royals owner David Glass. “No. We would not sign any individual player to a $300 million contract … There’s little justification in giving anybody a $300 million contract. You might as well give them the franchise.” That’s probably in the ballpark of what Pujols will command on the open market (A-Rod got $275 million). In hindsight, it was silly to think the Royals would make a play for Pujols. Kansas City just shed $30 million of salaries in the offseason, and traded their marquee pitcher because they wouldn’t be able to pay him. Sigh. Enjoy another decade of irrelevance, Royals fans. [KC Star]

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