Hofstra's Charles Jenkins Hits Game-Winner, Billy Packer Speaks & Baby Born with 12 Fingers, 14 Toes

Vanessa Hudgens … the Italian Prime Minister will go on trial for an alleged dalliance with a 17-year-old belly dancer … a gym etiquette flow chart! … Sept. 17 will be the biggest day of the ACC football season …7-foot-4, 300-pound homeless man arrested in stabbing … this is taking copyright protection too far, right? … Ice Cube will be in the movie, ‘21 Jump Street’sidewalk rage! … sperm bank and stiff in the same headline? … really enjoyed this experiment with the US budget … not sure about this – I’m using Netflix more than ever … the attack in Egypt on CBS reporter Lara Logan is very sad and it makes me angry … a baby was born with 12 fingers, 14 toes

Charlie Davies to DC United? [Wash Post]

Billy Packer would prefer the NCAA tournament be on ESPN, and he makes some valid points about announcers. [USA Today]

Ohio State 71, Michigan 61. Let’s hold off on the ‘Spartans are back’ stories. [Plain Dealer]

Does Brandon Roy really only have a year or two left after this recent knee surgery? [Oregonian]

If Adrian Clayborn had left after his junior year, would he have these problems? [Joe Bucs Fan]

Kentucky fans got their hands on Renardo Sidney’s phone number before last night’s game. [Clarion Ledger]

Is it possible this Red Cross tweet is real? It has been deleted. [The Daily Derelict]

The Houston Rockets are looking for an intern. [NBA Jobs]

How to beat Duke, in flow chart format. Because it’s flow-chart day! [Seth Curry Saves Duke]

These Dodgers shirts making fun of the Angels are quite genius. [OC Register]

You’ll either look at this and think making conference predictions in early January is easy, or Ken Pomeroy is pretty damn good with numbers. [Ken Pom]

Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins tied the game with a long three near the end of regulation, then won the game with a 40-foot three-pointer at the buzzer.

Here’s Charlie Sheen’s appearance on the Dan Patrick show this week.

AC Milan’s Gennaro Gattuso attacked Tottenham’s assistant coach after a loss. [via Coz Sweaters]

Was this better than her Grammy one with Cee-Lo?

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