Alabama Police Arrest Tree Poisoning Suspect. Has Kids Named “Bear” and “Crimson”

Auburn police have arrested Harvey Almorn Updike, 62, for poisoning the oak trees at Auburn’s Toomers’ Corner. He’s being held on $50,000 bail. He reportedly gave the trees a fatal dose of Spike 80DF, a tree-killing herbicide. Updike is a retired Texas State Trooper living in Dadeville, Ala. He may have offspring named “Bear” and “Crimson.”

Yes, they are only trees, but his act was still excessively cruel. Plagarizing myself on twitter, it is the pranking equivalent to bringing out the broom handles during an innocuous hazing session.

The trees were 130 years old. The TP rolling tradition was at least 50 years old. From Andy Staples:

This shameful act should enrage anyone who loves college football. It shouldn’t matter what you think of Auburn. This has nothing to do with Cam Newton or any of the suspicion surrounding Auburn’s 2010 national title run. This has everything to do with a deranged person stealing joy from people who are guilty of nothing but loving their school.

Police did not explain how he was arrested in Auburn and not Dadeville.

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