Mark Cuban Creates "Radical Football LLC" to Promote a College Football Playoff

Mark Cuban was serious. He has created Radical Football LLC. He has at least one staff member. He wants “to impact college football so that the last two teams playing are the best two teams.” In plain terms he will push for a college football playoff.

A playoff push is only as valid as the plan. Cuban’s only commitment thus far has been to find the best possible one. He supported San Diego State’s “International Sports MBA Case Competition,” where business students had 24 hours to spell out an acceptable playoff plan. The winners from Oxford will present their 16-team plan to him later this year.

My one concern is the name, “Radical” Football. The word has negative political connotations. Big Ten traditionalists are “Legends” and “Leaders.” Jim Delaney is no “radical.” The title places an unnecessary stigma on the idea of a playoff. It fuels paranoia rather than quashing it. The Big Bad BCS guys want you to see a playoff as “radical” and scary. The change would be radical, but a playoff is sensible and optimal.

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